Easy methods to Track Website Rankings – The way in which Internet promotion Systems.

If you are utilizing any internet marketing strategies to drive visitors to your website or maybe to create prospects, you need to learn how your website ranks and how your competitors’ sites rank. Let me let you in a great free application I use to monitor the popularity and power of an internet website.

When you first start a webpage, as an instance, your Alexa ranking might be in the high millions (out of all the websites on the planet ). You will notice there that Google is the #1 rated site in the world, followed closely with Facebook at #2 and YouTube at #3 (in the time of the writing). There are many factors that go into the weightings but increasing the amount of high quality backlinks (links with lots of”juice”) is a great way to help boost your site’s ranking.

But rather than have to keep going back to Alexa.com each time that you would like to check the ranking of a specific webpage, you can download the free Alexa toolbar (at Alexa) and have it display on your status bar (the bottom of your Firefox browser where Firefox informs you how much of your page has loaded once you click on a link). Utilizing this free tool, google position checker 1000 you’ll be able to browse the web as you normally do and once you run into a great site or article directory that you can simply glance down to the bottom of your display to check at what ranking that page has.

If you are browsing around on Facebook, the toolbar in the bottom will show #2, etc. (Here is how I track my own blog’s Alexa ranking each day. Check it out on your own, it is quite fun to watch your blog grow it’s ranking several tens of thousands of places daily as mine will! It’s like a countdown timer.) Just by getting your blog to rank under 100,000, the quantity of visitors you’re going to be receiving in the search engines will keep you really busy!

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