Is definitely MMA Hurting Boxing?

Over the previous years, MMA events like the UFC are gaining serious ground over Boxing. Proof of this is the simple fact that past year UFC pay-per-view events raised more money than boxing events.

Boxing has been around the mainstream for as longs as I could remember with fantastic fighters like Gorge Foreman, Mike Tyson, and Evander Holyfield not to mentions the legends like Muhammed Ali, Rocky Marciano and many others that made boxing one of the most prestigious sports there is.

I’m a massive boxing fan myself but sadly over the past 5 years, it dropped the charm and the prestige that once made boxing a game to watch. I can not recall how many nights I stayed up till 4 or 5 in the morning waiting to see Tyson fight.

That’s one the largest problem with boxing these days there are not many idols like before. Ask any 20 years old these days who’s their favourite boxer; I’ll be surprised if they state any reddit live stream. You see, boxing is lacking idols and idols are what push revenue in sport.

Now go and ask the exact same 20 year who is their favorite MMA fighter and I bet he will state:” From UFC or Strikeforce, in what category?”

In its early days, MMA events were considered brutal and no TV channel wanted to broadcast its battles. So what made them change their minds? What changes what’s sports these days, MONEY.

When it all started the only way to see UFC fights was by leasing videotapes now you’ve got cable channels dedicated particularly for MMA and the principal events can only be viewed on pay-per-view. MMA merchandising power has grown tremendously and surpassed boxing, the reason it’s gained so much vulnerability recently.

There is a reality show called The Ultimate Fighter that is in its 13th edition, where amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighters struggle to become expert. Hence the fact that many fighting in UFC these days has come out of the reality show.

Even renowned boxing gear brands are making MMA gear that’s moor evidence of the merchandising power MMA has these days. Just for the record if Dana White purchased the UFC in the Gracie Family, it was worth two million Dollars now it is a two billion dollar business.

But that is not the only motive MMA is more popular than boxing these days. MMA’s audience is composed of its bulk of a generation that grew up playing video games like Street Fighter, Tekken and many other fighting games where characters had distinct fighting styles that is the essence of Mixed Martial Arts.

This generation can be more dynamic with fantastic eagerness for action and MMA fights to provide just that. While boxing can become rather boring at times, 12 rounds without a knockdown can be tedious, to say the least.

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