The Difference between Cheap Cigarettes in USA and Eastern Europe

It is easy to assume that all cheap tobacco are same especially after reading all those high pitched advertising campaigns. See some of these captions for yourself. Cheap tobacco at discount price, cheap Marlboro tobacco, cheap discount tobacco; these are the same words written all over, wherever these cheap tobacco are coming from. These are particularly available on online discount tobacco sale firms’ websites. Isn’t it time we get some facts straight?

Arrangement of tobacco cheap or of high price is, of course, the same but they differ in their processing and quality of things that go into making them. They include, in general, tobacco, paper, filter materials and additives in addition to paper teeth. But how do they differ, especially what is the difference between cheap tobacco in USA and cheap tobacco in Europe?

Well, there are several techno commercial differences between the cheap tobacco from these places. First, the premium tobacco like Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Virginia Slims, and Salem are manufactured and shipped from duty-free specific zones in Eastern Europe. As they are tax free they become really cheap even considering shipping cost involved. There is a small catch though, your country may levy you scan duty.

However, look at these low points. First of all, one who smoke Marlboro regularly might discover imported cheap Marlboro tobacco mouth-watering differently. This is something which the off the shelf smokers don’t want to cigarettes This may not truly function as the case as same brands are manufactured in similar fashion everywhere unless a few conditions where regulations are slack or the franchisee manufacturers themselves circumnavigate the regulations. Sometimes, this may also be because the additives and additives not regulated in one country may be enjoying a valid status in another. But the difference may be caused by are more because of the additional ledge and shipping time required than anything else.

There is another reason for tobacco manufactured in Eastern Europe to be cheap. The establishment and running costs there are pretty low when compared to establishing a similar sized manufacturing plant in USA.

If you want to buy cheap tobacco from your local shop you may be required to buy up to 4-9 cartons at once which isn’t the case in an online tobacco store where the basic price of a single carton itself is cheaper than the lot you might have to purchase there locally.

Internationally, popular brands like Marlboro, Camel, Winston, 555 and many are clandestinely smuggled sneaking through duty nets. This is driven by popularity they enjoy all around but in the process countries loose what is properly their tax revenue. However, from cigarette smokers’ point of view, they have become cheap in order to afford to enjoy these international brands. The estimated total revenue loss to governments endured at US$ 30 enormous amounts.

There are several reasons why tobacco cheap or not do not differ irrespective of their origin. If there is something that doesn’t favor Eastern Western european tobacco, it is the shipping time they take to arrive at your door. Usually they are shipped through registered mail which takes about 2-3 weeks to reach you in USA. However, this is not quite a difference to a cigarette enthusiast that smoke regularly because he / she always has the options to buy in bulk which still works in his favor. By the way, have you sampled discount menthol and Marlboro manufactured in Eastern Europe yet?

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