Oppo A Series – Powerful Features of oppo a15 Smartphone

If you love Computer science and electronic gadgets – you love keeping up to date with the latest innovations – without letting the details escape your attention – buy Smartphones OPPO A15. This is the newest model from OPPO – one which has been equipped with some of the most useful features. If you have a Smartphone and need an effective way to share photos, text and videos – check out OPPO. With the OPPO Avanti Live wallpaper application, your device is given an augmented reality experience. This is where you can use your smartphone as part of the world’s most popular augmented reality theme park.

The OPPO Avanti Live software comes preinstalled on all the Smartphones OPPO Avanti series except for the low-budget, low-powered and entry level models. The Smartphones come with an exclusive theme park called Octa-core. Octa-core is comprised of five virtual reality stations including the Carelessly Delicious Creations, Cool Swing, Hello Kitty Corner, Krackel’s Cranky Pants and My Sweet Parrot. In order to enjoy the augmented reality experience to the fullest – install the android app called Octa-core.

The octa-core is also featured in the mobiles with the help of the GoogleVR SDK. The GoogleVR SDK provides the base of the rendering engine called the Cardboard. You can easily create a 360 degree scene using the Cardboard camera. You can enhance the scene oppo a15 further by adding depth or combining it with another object using the spherical viewer available on the googleVR site. All the desired objects including your character can be dragged around and changed in the scene.

The second component of the Oppo A15 smartphone is the MediaTek processor which is a dual core processor. It provides the best image processing performance among the smartphone devices. With the help of the processor you can record high resolution videos, edit them and also can add other audio effects. The OPE 15 comes with various other advanced cameras like the Exmor P and the Megavision camera.

The camera with the OPE 15 can capture the images even in dim light by utilizing the optical zoom. The octa-core processor also incorporates the Motion sensor technology which can detect the difference between stationary and moving objects. This feature helps you to minimize the chances of your smartphone facing camera glare. It has the ability of reducing blurring of the images when you move close to the object that is being photographed. There are many other technologies present in the Oppo A15 which helps you to capture more information using a smartphone like the Digital zoom, Image stabilization and the Night mode.

There is another interesting technology present in the Oppo A15 smartphone which comes as the Multi-purpose Storage Device. This storage device helps you to store important data on the phone including the SMS, MMS and email on it. You can easily download all the apps which are available on the internet directly from the memory of the processor. This amazing technology of storing important data on the processor allows the users to make use of the memory space for other purposes. Due to the tremendous improvement in the processing speed and the performance of the processor, the Oppo A series of smartphones are becoming popular among the mobiles users.

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