We Stand with the Caretakers of Burnaby Mountain and Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion

Sixty-five community, environmental and labour groups issue open letter. Please add your support by filling in the short form at the bottom of this page.


We, the undersigned, express our support for those who are protecting Burnaby Mountain from Kinder Morgan geotechnical survey work.

Burnaby Mountain is public land (on unceded Indigenous territories) that is used frequently as a recreational area and is a designated Conservation Area.

The City of Burnaby and its residents have been vocal for several years against Kinder Morgan's $5.4 billion Trans Mountain pipeline and terminal expansion proposal that would transport even more diluted bitumen and bring even more tankers to the Burrard Inlet.

Over 70% of Burnaby residents are opposed to Kinder Morgan’s expansion. (Source: http://is.gd/j79aOJ) Residents have been educating themselves through town halls, teach-ins and personal research and have determined that the risks to public safety and environmental degradation from Kinder Morgan’s proposal are too high. Many residents are no strangers to the harmful health impacts of tar sands crude given that the city was home to a terrible oil spill in 2007.

The City of Burnaby is currently in the process of appealing a National Energy Board decision that grants Kinder Morgan access to the designated Conservation Area. This is a critical constitutional question of whether a regulatory body can grant a corporation the authority to override municipal bylaws.

The Tsleil-Waututh Nation has also launched a legal challenge of Kinder Morgan's pipeline and tankers project. This is the first legal challenge by a First Nation against the new pipeline and tanker proposal, citing the federal government's failure to first consult Tsleil-Waututh on key decisions about the environmental assessment and regulatory review of the project.

The pipeline facilitates Tar Sands expansion on Indigenous territories along the pipeline route and at the source. This would violate numerous Aboriginal Treaty Rights and the overall well-being of these communities, many of whom have already emphatically said no to Kinder Morgan's expansion. As the Supreme Court of Canada has consistently upheld, it is the federal government’s duty to respect these treaties, as well as the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples living on unceded lands along the pipeline route.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that community members are on Burnaby Mountain. These caretakers and residents should not be facing an injunction or a multimillion-dollar lawsuit by a corporate energy giant. Given the federal government's failure to respond to residents, to Indigenous communities at the source of Tar Sands destruction and along the proposed pipeline route, and to municipal concerns, we laud these protectors for their bravery in taking a stand against Kinder Morgan.

We invite all individuals to sign this letter that will go directly to Kinder Morgan: http://act.350.org/letter/burnabysupport/

Initial List of Sixty-Five Signatories:

  1. Asian Youth Dialogues Collective
  2. Building Bridges-Human Rights Vancouver
  3. Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion
  4. Café Rebelde Collective
  5. Climate Convergence
  6. Coalition of South Asian Women Against Violence
  7. Colour Connected Against Racism (UBC)
  8. Connective Project
  9. Council of Canadians
  10. Defenders of the Land
  11. Delusions of Development
  12. Dogwood Initiative
  13. Forest Action Network
  14. ForestEthics Advocacy
  15. Georgia Strait Alliance
  16. Global Queer Research Group, UBC
  17. Greenpeace
  18. Heartwood Community Cafe
  19. Idle No More
  20. Latinos in Action
  21. Lead Now
  22. Left Front
  23. Living Oceans Society
  24. LopezNOCOALition
  25. Mainlander
  26. Mexicans Living in Vancouver
  27. Mi’kmaq Warrior Society
  28. Mining Justice Alliance
  29. Missourians Organizing for Reform & Empowerment
  30. Native Youth Movement
  31. No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories
  32. Peace Alliance of Surrey
  33. PIPE UP Network
  34. Pivot Legal Society
  35. Portland Rising Tide
  36. RAGA Graduate and Undergraduate Student Network
  37. Rising Tide North America
  38. Rising Tide - Coast Salish Territories
  39. Rococode
  40. Root Force
  41. San Juans Alliance
  42. San Juan Islanders for Safe Shipping
  43. Sanctuary Health
  44. Save Our Shores Gabriola
  45. Secwepemc Womens Warrior Society
  46. Shit Harper Did
  47. Sierra Club BC
  48. Social Housing Alliance
  49. South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy
  50. Streams of Justice
  51. System Change Not Climate Change
  52. Toronto350 dot org
  53. Trikone Vancouver
  54. Unifor
  55. Union of BC Indian Chiefs
  56. Unist'ot'en Camp
  57. Vancouver Ecosocialists
  58. Vancouver Status of Women
  59. WaterWealth Project
  60. We Love this Coast
  61. WildCoast dot ca
  62. Wilderness Committee
  63. Wild Idaho Rising Tide
  64. Wildlife Defence League
  65. 350 dot org

We invite all individuals to sign this letter that will go directly to Kinder Morgan: http://act.350.org/letter/burnabysupport/

All groups, please use the form below to sign on.

Additional signatories (rolling basis):

  1. Friends of the Earth International

  2. Beyond Boarding

  3. T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation

  4. Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group

  5. UFAWU-Unifor (United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union)

  6. Gabriola S-O-S

  7. March Against Monsanto - Victoria, BC

  8. Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

  9. Friends of Lily Lake

  10. Wildsight

  11. Voters Taking Action on Climate Change

  12. Council of Canadians Windsor Essex Chapter

  13. Green Shelters Corporation

  14. Project Pipeline dot org

  15. Friends of the San Juans

  16. FORPA Forest Protection Allies

  17. Social & Environmental Justice Committee of Vancouver Quaker Meeting

  18. SWATT Smart Women Against Traffic Team

  19. Clayoquot Action

  20. SAFE (Students Active for the Environment - Kwantlen)

  21. Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver

  22. Chaos Faerie

  23. Raincoast Conservation Foundation

  24. Global Compliance Research Project

  25. Greenpeace - Victoria

  26. Polaris Institute

  27. System Change Not Climate Change-Dallas/Fort Worth

  28. UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

  29. SMART CHANGE (Vancouver - Victoria)

  30. Marineland Animal Defense

  31. Vancouver Community Laboratory

  32. Graphic History Collective

  33. Rainforest Action Network

  34. SFU350

  35. Talon - UBC

  36. How we Roll Longboards

  37. Canada Waking Up the Masses

  38. DaDaBaBy Enterprises

  39. Double G

  40. The Bunny Alliance

  41. Council of Canadians - South Niagara Chapter

  42. Simon Fraser Student Society

  43. Force of Nature Alliance

  44. Critical Criminology Working Group

  45. Radical Access Mapping Project

  46. ActCity OttawaCommunities and Coal

  47. Real Hearings
  48. Finavera Wind Energy Inc.
  49. Head Tax Families Society of Canada
  50. Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice
  51. Sunshine Coast Alliance for Democracy
  52. Rising Tide Seattle
  53. Dave Ivaz Music
  54. UBC Social Justice Centre
  55. Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group
  56. Climate & Capitalism
  57. Ottawa Ecosocialists
  58. Freedom Farmers
  59. Amnesty International UBC
  60. David Suzuki Foundation
  61. Indigenous Action Movement- Unceded Salish Territories
  62. Access Natural Healing Centre
  63. RE Sources for Sustainable Communities, Bellingham
  64. Salish Coast LIVE!
  65. Purple Thistle
  66. Vancouver Aerial Photography
  67. The Bloom Series
  68. Searcy (AR) Parks & Recreation
  69. Silent Angels
  70. West Coast Native News
  71. Friends of the San Juans
  72. Oil Change International
  73. Global Exchange
  74. World Team Now
  75. Citizens for Sanity dot com
  76. Mother Earth Action Co-operative Ltd.
  77. 350 Vermont
  78. Rising Tide Toronto
  79. Awareness Film Night
  80. Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE)
  81. Socialist Alternative Vancouver
  82. Vancouver Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
  83. Renew Kalamazoo
  84. Deep Green Resistance
  85. Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands
  86. Grassroots International Solidarity and Support
  87. Green America
  88. FrackBusters NY
  89. South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, Durban South Africa
  90. DurhamCLEAR
  91. Vancouver Old Time Music and Dance
  92. Maple Ridge Massage Therapy Clinic
  93. Divest UVIC
  94. Enpipe Line
  95. 350Madison
  96. Georgian College Early Childhood Education - Class of 2015
  97. Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)
  98. University of Toronto Greenpeace Student Network
  99. SCEPP Sunshine Coast Environmental Protection Project
  100. Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG)
  101. 350 Seattle
  102. Graduate Student Society at Simon Fraser University
  103. University of Toronto Greenpeace Student Network

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