Cruises to Basel

Basel, which is based on the northwest region of Switzerland, near its French and German borders, is a wonderful city with a rich history, intriguing medieval quarter, fabulous art galleries and stunning architecture. In addition it boasts a lively social scene, much that focuses across the city’s most significant asset, the meandering Rhine River. Visit for travsel info about Basel

The mighty river first becomes navigable at Basel, which makes the town the nearest thing landlocked Switzerland must a seaport, and residents really make the most of it. The river banks are lined with restaurants and hotels (which charge extra for a river-view room).

Many residents use little tow-lined ferries rather than bridges to travel between Grossbasel (Big Basel, home to the medieval Old Town) on the south bank and Kleinbasel (Little Basel, center of the city’s lively social scene) on the north bank.

Basel is an important turnaround port for Rhine riverboats, many that run between there and Amsterdam on weekly rotations. Because it’s an embarkation and debarkation port, many river cruise passengers spend at the very least a day in Basel , that will be no hardship, considering it’s not really a fascinating city, but additionally a gate way to Alsace and Germany’s Black Forest region. Visit for more information about basel boat and cruise tours.

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