Different Specifications Any time Acquiring New Build Property.

Purchasing a new build property differs from buying a regular house. In addition to getting a power performance certificate your solicitor should learn these information concerning the land before the sale goes ahead:

Access – you will need a good right of use of the property and you should not have to pay for extra towards road maintenance. Normally an agreement is formed between the website developer and the local authority (under s.38 Highways Act 1980). Under this agreement the website developer is accountable for the upkeep of the estate roads’until they become adopted (maintained by public funds). The developer will normally sign up for insurance against your agreement.

Planning permission – your solicitor will check that planning permission has been received for your property and learn if any conditions have already been attached to this grant. If the permission is followed closely by conditions (as they often are) you must check that the developer has abided by these.

Building regulations – building regulation consents must be obtained by the developer for your property. Building regulations provide a couple of standards for the construction industry to stick to regarding the use of certain materials and the techniques employed. New Apartments Spain The local authority comes with an unlimited retrospective time period to enforce building regulations and there might be hefty fines involved if the consents were not obtained.

What else becomes necessary before the exchange of contracts?

Your conveyancing solicitor will draft a contract of sale for you. The contract should contain provisions that make certain that the property is finished to the agreed standard by completion. A typical example of something that’s normally agreed upon between the parties is easement and covenant rights for the property. You must try to make sure that these rights incorporate; the right of access, the right of way, a right to sewerage, water and drainage and the right of usage over all pipes and cables for utilities.

But not included in the contract, these agreements should really be obtained generally to safeguard purchasers of new builds. These may be particularly relevant if buying home off-plan:

Structural guarantees – a structural guarantee should really be given by the developer and/or his building contractors. This means that if unfortunately the property suffers structural problems, you are able to seek compensation. A structural defect does not just cover the external composition, but additionally internal problems such as bad plasterwork and decoration.

New building insurance – such as the NHBC Buildmark scheme. Insurance such as this will cover any problems the property has for approximately 10 years.

It is also a good idea where possible to acquire a certificate of approval from an expert supervisor present on site (such whilst the architect); this individual should have the ability to guarantee the property’s structural quality.

Given the differences in purchasing newly built property, it is specially important that after choosing your conveyancing solicitors, you pick solicitors who have particular specialist experience of buying new build property.

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